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One more day

One more day at my old job, then Sunday is new job.
Have cleaned out my new office space (YIKES) and been to a few committee meetings. Wanted to get a bit of a feel for the atmosphere before i jumped in full time. Glad I did. Found out some of the undercurrents going on.
It's a good thing that I really do believe that many issues can be lessened in their fear factor by simply allowing people to be heard - and to be reassured that what they are feeling is real (even if it is only real to them) and that they are worthy of being heard. Because I'm doing a lot of that.

SPRC interview

Interview went really well, about 12 members of sprc were there. Lasted about 45 minutes. At the end, the chair of the committee said "I think its pretty obvious why we brought you to this second interview, and while I can't give you our decision tonight, I can tell you that we will be letting you know pretty soon" or something along those lines - adding in a fairly broad hint that I had done well and that it was just a matter of time.
A woman I know, who had been on the search committee walked me out and said that she could, with all certainty, tell me that they were going to offer me the job - just had to finalize a few things (senior pastor and a few other key peeps being in Tanzania at the moment)
So, unoffically, I think i gots it.

Round Two

I made it to round two - interview with whole SPRC committee (For non church folks, that's the committee that will actually hire or not.)
DOn't know time of interview yet. Almost wish it could be today so that I can't get too nervous...


Just a quick update to say the initial interview went well, lasted about an hour and a half. I know that they are interviewing at least 2 more people. I don't know when I'll hear if I made the initial cut. 


So, I've been working in the same place for three years. It's fine. It's a receptionist/secretarial type job. It will have the sa me challenges in three years from now. IT's hourly, flexible, good pay and I work with three members of the same family who have treated us like family as well. And that has its good and bad, but that 's another post. Overall, I enjoy my job.

My passion, my heart, is in children's ministry. It's what I like to do, it's what I like to plan, its what I like to learn about.

I have been asked to interview for a full time, Director of Children's Ministry at a local church. I like this church, I think it would be a good fit.

It would mean leaving safety and security and heading out to new things. I'm both excited at the prospect and trying not to puke out of sheer terror.

they meet again tonight to schedule interview times. eesh!

Dr Livingstone, I presume?

Someone - I think it was Hallmark's snarky line years ago- had a card that showed someone poking through tall grass and saying "Living still, I presume?"

I've not posted for months. Life has been busy. Plus I kinda took a little break from blogs of all sorts.

Graduated one son from high school. then he wrecked my car.
Youngest went to boy scout camp, he loves it
Middle kid did drama day camps, loved them.
I worked. And watched it RAIN.
Husband did lots in June for work, and I'm not sure where July went.

Work has been busy this summer. I might have had a chace to work at a church in Children's Ministry but think that has faded. That's okay. Went to a great conference. Heard some amazing speakers. Favorite one was at one of the final seminars - he talked about making sure children are treated like they are REAL. That what they feel, that what they experience is REAL.

Take oldest to college in less than 5 days.
Just got back from whirlwind trip to inlaws. I'm exhausted.
Work tomorrow, school for youngers starts next week. 

Just some bullet points

Watched this. Now totally depressed.
Last class of eChristian ed. Woo Hoo.
I just realized that one of the reasons I have an almost visceral reaction to a minister is that I have lost almost all respect for him. He doesn't like confrontation - few of us do - but to a point that he will leave you feeling like you've been stabbed in the back  because he refuses to make waves. Honest to Gawd, you're the senior pastor. Make some waves if they need to be made to protect the integrity of the church - both this one and the theology behind it.
That and the sermon today made me *cringe*. Opened with sexist comments and halfway through there was some other kind of nonsense that made me just roll my eyes. I used to really like this person. Didn't always agree with him, but felt that he would listen and that would stand up for people if that needed to be done. Well, he doesn't.

Meanwhile, the kiddos are doing well, and DH is fishing with his dad and brothers and having a great time - I am so glad.
He needed this - one of his students committed suicide about two weeks ago. A hard time for everyone.

We helped at the funeral and the father walked up to say thank you, and all I could think of was that I was looking at a person made entirely out of spun glass. He looked that fragile.

Alright, back to tackling the laundry monster. It just grows and grows.

Jan. 25th, 2013

Taking a break from blogdom as a whole for a bit. Still pop in here, but just have too much to do to deal with the other blogs I used to read. And enjoyed, but they are time wasters for me. Also message boards. And FB might have its head on the chopping block soon. 

It's been cold and freezing rain/sleeting here all day. Seems to have stopped now. I've made chocolate chip cookies in defense. 

Husband and middle kid not getting along. Fault more on one side than the other. Nothing severe, just not listening to what the other is saying/not saying. 

Working on last eChristian ed course. Can't find one of the books I need. well, I can find it, just not for the $$ I'm willing to pay. But I think I can work around it. :) 

Have to interview two children about God. Gotta round up a 3 to 6 year old. 7 to 11 I know, but the younger crowd....

Trying to update

I typed out a whole post, then accidentally clicked off of it. That was three days ago - or was it two? Anyway.
This week is a busy one - midterms for the older boys (yikes. stress city), and I have something every night this week. 
Last night it was my women's circle for church (here). Small group (see above midterms note- most of us have high school kids) but good. I am co president and one of the things we want to do is to help the circle find a vision - find something that defines us or at least gives us an identifiable purpose other than getting together once a month. 

Tonight is swim team board meeting. I do concessions. Easy, get to stay in A/C, and I don't have to time or disqualify anyone's kid. Tonight is just planning for the year. 

Tomorrow I lead the first session of my bible study at church. I did have 2 signed up, now 4. That's a better size, methinks. Although with two I could have suggested we meet at the local coffee place instead :) 

Thursday is the district meeting for the connectional ministries meeting. Downtown, which sounds grander than it really is, only it takes about 20 minutes to get there and find parking space. And MUST REMEMBER to eat dinner first. 

Oh, went to a fancy restaurant this weekend, lovely "New southern cuisine' but quite pretentious. I mean, really, grits is grits, no matter how much goat cheese you put in them. Also, fussiest creamer ever. Think of a very tall, very slim piece of pie. In silver. That held about a tablespoon of creme. And very TALL cups of coffee with very SHORT espresso spoons. But a wonderful time nonetheless. 

Sunday I teach a seminar on children's ministry. 

Oh, I'm trying to play nicer with our DCE. Trying. 

We went to church last sunday at a different congregation (and got "caught" by the youth pastor who was preaching at our service and always looks for us - he's a terrific guy and we love him dearly. And we love to hear him preach, but the music at hte traditional service at our home church is SO slow and SO painful to sing that DH bout bursts a blood vessel and has said he won't go back for awhile, so we went to this other church) ANYWAY. They have a great new minister (old one dismissed for um, well, trying to hire some 'outside work" to be done to his private parts) who can preach up a storm, but who is warm and charming and really connected to the congregation - they all really are enjoying the change. Plus they do music well, and its a totally different "feel". We will probably end up there. But as DH says, we love the PEOPLE at the other church, just not the services. And we don't do contemporary music. Or at least I don't. Makes me want to SCREAM in agony. 

I'm going to a seminar end of the month on Christian Formation and the church. I hope I'm doing the right thing by going and not just torturing myself. Last online class started last week - yikes, going to be a bit harder. 

ALright, time to run to work. 

Never noticed (or don't remember noticing the second part of this verse:

 When King Herod heard this, he was frightened, and all Jerusalem with him



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